Electromagnetic Field

Sources of Electromagnetic Field

Our atmosphere is full of invisible natural magnetic and electric fields which are non-natural. For the most part electromagnetic fields have mostly been ignored until recently. Because of a growing number of research projects, there has been heightened public awareness that EMF’s can negatively impact the well-being and health of millions of people.

Primary Sources of EMF Pollution

One thing all electromagnetic fields have in common is that they are derived from electronic and electrical devices and appliances in homes and businesses. These hazardous fields can derive from alarm clocks, hair dryers, coffee makers, microwaves, computers, television sets, and much more. The more you use such devices, and the nearer you are to them, the greater your exposure to EMF’s.

Dangers of Electromagnetic Exposure

Electromagnetic pollution can affect everything from human health to plant growth, and possibly even the weather. There have been a number of studies investigating biological effects. Generally, electrical devices produce very low frequency fields and were once considered to be non-threatening. New research is showing that electromagnetic field exposure on a consistent basis can be an immune system stressor. This has led many to seriously consider the health implications of such exposure.

Protecting Yourself with Electromagnetic Field Protection Devices

The first step to protecting yourself, of course, is to minimize exposure as much as possible by turning off appliances when they are not in use. There have been a number of new devices developed such as electromagnetic mats and other radiation protection products. Whether you use an EMF shield, or an ADR mat, there are effective EMF protection solutions available.