Welcome to FilterEMF store!

Welcome to FilterEMF store!

EMF Shielding Products are your best “Protective Umbrella” from RF Radiation (Microwave & WiFi), Electric Fields, Magnetic Fields & “Dirty” Electricity!

We are your source for all top quality personal and commercial products for WIFI & Cell Phone Radiation Protection, electromagnetic radiation protection, RF & Smart Meter Shielding and EMF mitigation products. Our products are designed to shield and protect the human body from common EMF sources found in offices, apartments, homes and commercial facilities.

Our mission is to provide high quality, proven and effective EMF protection and mitigation products. Our products create a “protective umbrella” providing protection from electromagnetic fields and minimizes the risk factors and conditions created by electrosmog pollution.

Many people do not know that most home appliances and electronic devices emit harmful EMF radiation! The negative effects of electromagnetic fileds, cell phone radiation, and EMF radiation are harmful and influence human immunity, vitality and body energy in negative ways.


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