“Conductive Temporary Hold”


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“Conductive Temporary Hold”


Similar to Velcro™ but conductive. One inch wide. Excellent holding power and RF shielding. Use it to create re-sealable flaps, tubes, and seams in shielding fabrics, plastics and foils. Will conduct along its length and across the gap. Silver coated. Can be sewn in or glued, no adhesive supplied. 1 inch wide. Very unique!

Expected cycle life: 5000 openings/closings
Shear strength: 12.3 psi (new) / 6.7 psi (after 5000 cycles)
Peel strength: 1.2 piw (new) / 0.8 piw (after 5000 cycles)
Weight: 0.15 oz/in²
Mated thickness: 1/8 in
Hook: 1.8 Ohm per sq
Loop: 1.4 Ohm per sq
0.8 Ohm through mated closure

a207-2Hook & Loop Fastener (Cat. #A207) ….. $25.00 / lin ft add to cart
Need large quantities? Order master rolls and save! 150 feet long.
Hook only, master roll (Cat. #A207-H-roll) ….. $1181.00 / 150 lin ft
Loop only, master roll (Cat. #A207-L-roll) …… $1181.00/ 150 lin ft

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