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Universal RF Shielded Insert (Cat. #A240-Insert) …………. $26.95 each (FREE SHIPPING with purchase of 4 or more units!)


– High Performance RF Shielding Insert for iPhone 6 & other cell phones, too!

– Certified for at least 90% effectiveness at 65dB or better – certificate below!

– Universal Design – can be trimmed with regular scissors for exact fit to any cell phone!

– Flat, thin and stylish with soft fabric like face that will not scratch your screen

– Just trim it, peel it and stick to you cell phone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Windows, etc)

– Or use it inside you purse, wallet, pouch, etc. for your RF protection

– Speak & hear right through the shielded area

– Size: 5-5/8″ x 2-7/8″ (143x72mm)

– Always place the shielded side towards your body!

Like the look and feel of the phone case you have but want to add shielding protection? BlocSockLite is a thin, flat, high performance shielding insert that you can trim with scissors for an exact fit to line the inside of a standard phone case (or purse, wallet, pouch, or similar). Peel and stick adhesive holds it firmly in place. Soft fabric-like face won’t scratch your phone’s screen. Includes a layer of metalized fabric for 65 dB or better shielding of the RF signal. Always place the shielded side towards your body.
Very unique! 5-5/8 x 2-7/8 inches (143×72 mm) with rounded corners.Keep the shield between the phone and your body while carrying or storing the phone. Minimal bulk and maximum good looks. Makes a great gift too
The RF shielded case will block  and reflect over 90% of harmful microwaves signals (radiation). It will transmit the radiation out of the front of your phone facing head to the back and send it out towards the cell tower.

Shield your body while carrying the phone and shields your head while making calls.

Very effective! Over 90% radiation reduction.

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