Radiation Protection Products

Radiation Protection Products are sold by Filter Emf and they are all best at their performance as they have been built after accomplishing a deep investigation on the radiation of electromagnetic waves and on the basis of 100 years of principles of science and technology. The company is dedicated to recreate an EMF Pollution free world and the products of it play a key role to fulfill its dream.

Dirty Electricity :
You must have heard of Dirty Electricity . It is a kind of radiation of electromagnetic waves that come out of everything that has any sort of relation with electricity. It can cause us severe health hazards. Diseases like headache, vertigo, short term memory are the most common diseases caused by it. The electromagnetic waves can easily penetrate into the thin layers of our skin, giving birth to several muted cells that can cause cancer.

Stetzerizer Filters
Stetzerizer Filters are used to reduce the radiation of electromagnetic waves. They are efficient enough to reduce average 50 to 60 Hz signal. Even they can detect and measure the levels of EMF Pollution in your house or in your office as they are fixed with Stetzerizer Meters. They are made portable so that they can be used wherever you want them. They run by electricity but they hardly radiate electromagnetic waves.

Giron Magnetic Shielding Flexible Film
Giron Magnetic Shielding Flexible Film is one of the most useful Radiation Protection Products from Filter EMF. It is used to cover the entire area that is responsible for generating electromagnetic waves. It differs from other magnetic shielding films. It does not contain nickel in it and this makes it able to be more flexible. At the very same time it is thinner than the other ones and you can easily cut it with scissors and can twist it or bend it with your hands.

Cell Phone Radiation Protection Case Bag
This one has been in huge demand from last few years as people have become conscious of the Emf radiation from the cell phones.
The Cell Phone Radiation Protection Case Bag can protect you from that and it also allows you to use it even when the signal is poor and it makes you able to carry your phone in your pocket without getting affected by the electromagnetic waves radiated by the cell phones .

All the above mentioned Radiation Protection Products are available at Filter Emf . You just need to make some clicks and you are free from EMF Pollution.