Magnetic Shielding Foil

Magnetic Shielding Foil – one of the top selling products of EMFsafetys

Magnetic Shielding Foil has been the best material ever used for magnetic shielding of VLF, ELF and DC types. For years, due to its superb light magnetic properties mingled with mechanical hardness and elasticity, it has been used in industry safeguarding subtle electronics components from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). An alloy of 80% nickel this magnetic shielding foil is access.

Mechanical Properties

Easy to twist or loop with hands

Can be trimmed with scissors for its thickness is only 0.004”

Doesn’t gets easily corroded in normal environment

Highly Portable

Such easy installation can be handled even by an amateur.

There will be no huge loss in attenuation even after doing the above things.

Against Magnetic Fields

Ideal for weak and balanced levels of magnetic fields in miliGauss readings

Capable of providing 75% attenuation of the magnetic fields.

Significant of reduction in the magnetic field is seen on use of multiple layers.

We suggest you to use gauss meter in order to regulate the proper shape and position for the set up of the magnetic shield, and to check the reduction in the magnetic field. In order to get shielded from radiation coming out from a desktop computer a minimum use of 3 feet of the shielding foil is recommended.

This Magnetic Shielding Foil can be used to limit magnetic waves radiated from magnet heads, chokes, magnetic field sensors, doorbell transformers, microwave ovens, VDTs, electronic article surveillance tags, buried wiring and lot more.

Magnetic Waves have the property to pass through even concrete and steel. This lefts us no other problems except using the magnetic shielding foil.

One shouldn’t be exposed to magnetic fields for they can lead to hazardous health problems like cancer and leukemia among children and also possess the potential of cell damage. They can also to alteration and damage to DNA structure. Adverse effects on the function and arrangement in the central nervous systems is also one of the causes of exposure to the magnetic fields.