Flexible Magnetic Shielding Film

Flexible Magnetic Shielding Film

Giron Magnetic Shielding Film is entirely a new “breed” of magnetic shielding stuff present on the present market. Unlike other magnetic shielding films it doesn’t possess Nickel. Best suited for high field strength uses that require high impregnation and appreciable permeability, it is both lean and strong. It can easily be twisted and turned and no loss of its shielding properties will be seen. It is ideal for strong standards of magnetic fields beyond one miliGauss or more.

An interlinked and layered material, GIRON, can be easily cut with metal tools meant for snips or sheet and can either be made flat or forged into other shapes based on the purpose of use.

GIRON Magnetic Shielding Film is the best.

It can practically be applied to any part of your home where there is emission magnetic radiation.It is just awesome for small shielding of magnetic waves that radiate from magnets, speakers and other electric equipments such as vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, laptop surfaces etc. Even you can perfectly shield the partial or full wall/floor of your room or office. You can glue it. Tape it. Nail it. Screw or rivet it.

In whatever way you want……you can have it.

It is capable of shielding both AC and DC fields and can sustain a temperature ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


1. Sweep around your gaussmeter to detect the “hot-spot” of radiation around your home, office or car that you will have to shield.
2. Now slide the gauss meter to your right and left, up, and down, to know about the area that requires shielding.

Be sure that you have checked all the extra sources of magnetic fields (wirings, appliances, lights etc), that may be present in the interior of adjacent walls, floor, and ceiling or inside the same room.

Magnetic radiation is a threat to our health. Starting from DNA alterations to cell function impairment all are caused due to magnetic field exposure. General symptoms ranging from vomiting, nausea, flawed concentration and irritation are caused due to it and it may lead to fatal problems like cancer and poor immunity. Hence magnetic shielding is of prime importance.