DREAM CANOPY – RF Shielding Fabrics | Protects from WIFI, Cell Phone Radiation & Electric Fields

$ 895.95 $ 889.99

Dream Canopy the best value and effectiveness product against RF radiation (Wifi, cell phone radiation) and electric fields.

Product Description

DREAM CANOPY (King/Queen size) – RF Shielding Farbic – $895.99 + FREE SHIPPING!

Portable Faraday Microwave Safety Net (Cat.# 343)

  • Shielding canopy against WIFI, Cell Phone Radiation & Electric Fields! 
  • Fits King & Queen size beds – 8.2Feet high with 39 foot perimeter at the base
  • This is the best value and effectiveness for complete shielding agains WIFI and cell phone signals!!!
  • FREE SHIPPING for purchase of $99 and up! 

This may be the best EMF protection value. Extremely sheer and transparent, it offers excellent air circulation and dramatic shielding performance of 30-45dB. It will shield cell phone, wi-fi and other wireless signals effectively. Also shields from electric fields. Easy access slit on one side makes getting in and out a snap.

Watch this short video clip to see how DREAM CANOPY blocks WIFI & cell phone radiation.

Full/King is 8.2 feet high with a 39 foot perimeter at the base. Both are tapered toward the top

  • Light gray or light brown color.
  • Does double duty as a mosquito net, too! Not just for beds either!
  • Can be used over a couch, workstation, your favorite lounger or hammock.
  • Includes ground cord, stainless steel ceiling hook and support ring.
  • Perfect for traveling as it takes up less room than a sweater in your suitcase and weighs only about a pound.

IMPORTANT: Fabric is delicate, 100% pure Silver coated Nylon, so do not wash. No bleach. Do not dry clean.

 Cell Phone RF Radiation Protective Fabric Naturell4 Nturell_conopy_single_point Naturell_conopy_bed4 Naturell_conopy_central_point_for_children Naturell_conopy_central_point
This is a non-returnable product due to the lowest possible price with free shipping (within the US) offer for this product, available on the internet. This is a final sale which means no returns will be accepted after purchase of this product.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 1 in