RF Shielded Case for iPhone 6 | G-Case

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RF Shielded G-Case for iPhone 6 (Cat. #A241-G-Case) …………. $47.95 each (FREE SHIPPING with purchase of 3 or more units!)

  • High Performance RF Shielding Case for iPhone 6
  • At least 90% effectiveness at 65dB or better!
  • Flat, thin and stylish
  • Speak & hear right through the shielded front flap
  • You can still use the touch screen & make calls in the usual way
  • Always place the shielded side towards your body!
 Professional Protection Cellphone Suit.
This shielded case designed specifically for the iPhone 6 combines luxury, style and safety. Made with eco-friendly materials, it protects the phone on both front and back from bumps and scratches, and shields the user from microwave radiation with its shielded movable front flap. Uses that same shielding technology as the BlocSockLite. Simply snap the phone in place and go. No adjusting needed. You can still use the touch screen and make calls in the usual way. Speak and hear right through the shielded front flap to keep your head shielded. Keep the shield between the phone and your body while carrying or storing the phone. Minimal bulk and maximum good looks. Makes a great gift too
The RF shielded case will block  and reflect over 90% of harmful microwaves signals (radiation). It will transmit the radiation out of the front of your phone facing head to the back and send it out towards the cell tower.


Flip open the RF shielded lid cover to answer calls, then flip snap the lid cover back into protective position over the front of the phone. Talk through the flip case lid with perfect clarity.

Shield your body while carrying the phone and shields your head while making calls.

Talk and listen right through the lid with perfect clarity!

Very effective! Over 90% radiation reduction.



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