RF MICROWAVE ABSORBING SHEET | 48″ Wide X 1 Linear Foot Long

$ 18.95

  • High performance absorbing microwave (RF) radiation material
  • Excellent for absorbing radiation from smart meters and other EMF soureces!
  • Flexible – can be used as drapes and wall covering
  • Corrosion resistant, Rip-Stop and light weight!
  • Thickness: 26 mil (0.64 mm)
  • Width: 48 inch
  • Weight: 34 g/m²
  • Resistivity: ~3 Ohms per Square (but surface is not conductive because of the laminate covering)
  • Tensile: 47 N/15mm
  • Color: Black
  • Use our Grounding Cord for this material, Amazon SKU: A295-3 Grounding Cord

Product Description

RF Microwave Absorbing Sheet is used to absorb microwaves. It has a plastic coating on both sides for easy handling. Non-woven, nearly pure carbon fiber is used in it to achieve both good microwave shielding and high absorption. The carbon material is conductive in some forms and it is a very good microwave absorber. Make double or triple layers of the Microwave Absorbing Sheet to enhance its effects. To get a high performance, you can combine a layer of high performance fabric shield such as Nickel Copper Ripstop with the Microwave Absorbing Sheet. It is not essential to make grounding for this material.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 950 x 5 x 2 in