EMF & Cell Phone Radiation Protection | Increase Vitality | Lower Fatigue | Better Blood Circulation by ADR Protect

$ 29.95

  • INCREASES/balance ENERGY and VITALITY levels in the body (general weakness, tiredness, concentration deficiency)
  • BENEFICIAL for persons with PERIPHERAL CIRCULATORY DISTURBANCES (e.g. persons with Raynaud's symptom) or in case of cold hands and feet (irrespective of the reason)
  • RECOMMENDED for persons with WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEM (sick and elderly persons, small children; after operations; while taking immunosuppressive drugs, such as cortisone and Cytostatics)
  • PROTECTS from negative effects of EMF & CELL PHONE RADIATION emitted from cell phone, computers and other personal electronics
  • STIMULATES blood circulation in fingers & toes

Product Description

ADR protect is designed to give you protection from the radiation that is caused by the cell phones. The product should be carried close to the body (hands, fingers, feet, toes etc). You can also attach it to a cell phone. The product is attached with elastic magnetic foil to provide protection from cell phone radiation. It is able to strengthen body’s immunity against harmful environmental pollutants by regulating the organism’s functions. As the product should be carried as close to the body as possible, it should be attached to the reverse side of the cell phone, to the reverse side of the watch, to the mouse of computer, to trousers and shirt’s pocket, purse, wallet etc.

Additional Information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 1 in