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ArgenMesh Conductive/Shielding Silver Fabric: Shielding from RF, WIFI and Cell Phone Radiation

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Product Description

A very unique fabric! All the shielding and conductivity properties of metal in a fabric format. When you need the conductivity and shielding performance of Silver with the strength of Nylon, ArgenMesh is the material to choose. Shielding >50 dB from 100 MHz to 3 GHz and surface conductivity of less than 1 Ohm per square. This material is great for high level grounding, static discharge, electric field shielding, and radio frequency shielding. Safe for skin contact, it can be used in garments, or bedding. Also an excellent curtain or wall covering. 55% Silver, 45% Nylon. Silver color, with some light penetration. Temperature range: -30C to 90C. 59 inches wide. Specify how many feet long. Priced per foot long. Set your quantity to the length (in feet) desired. Washing Instructions: Do not machine wash or dry clean. Dry brush, wipe with damp cloth, or rinse in plain water. Hang dry. Warm iron.

Highly electrically conductive silver/nylon fabric
Excellent radiowave/microwave shielding
Soft, safe for skin contact, hand washable
Cuts and sews like ordinary fabric
Safe for skin contact – Use it to make garments, drapes, bedding and more.
great for high level grounding, static discharge, electric field shielding, and radiofrequency shielding.

SOLD by Linear Foot x 59 inch wide

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.0 x 6 x 2 in